Posted: 2 September 2016

Skylark Learning is proud to announce that our latest innovation in early learning – My First Emotions – has won a silver medal at the 2016 Independent Toy Awards. We were awarded the silver medal in the Educational category, and were doubly pleased to find that the first product in our range – Skylark English for Babies – also received a commendation in the same category.

Stop Press: My First Emotions has also won a gold medal in the International Quality Contest for Kids’ Products at Mir Detstva in Russia!

Genuine industry awards

The Independent Toy Awards are some of the most respected of accolades in the toy industry. The winners are chosen by those at the heart of the toy industry – the independent toy retailers of the UK. This gives the awards a particular authenticity, as the best toys are not being chosen by ‘experts’ or ‘panels’ but by those who really know their stuff. Anyone can enter the Independent Toy Awards – that means that we were up against competitors from every area of the industry, from the huge brands that are household names, to other up-and-coming businesses like ours. This is one reason why we are so very proud to win this award, particularly for a product that we haven’t yet brought to market.

The perfect Christmas gift

The award we received goes to the toys that the industry feels parents should be buying for their children, in particular in the lead-up to Christmas. To have such a prominent award is an exciting development for Skylark Learning as it recognises the value of the products we are creating, as directly compared with others in the market.

My First Emotions

My First Emotions

My First Emotions is a truly innovative product that is designed to help parents encourage early, healthy emotional development in children from 0-3 years. Based on academic and psychological research, it offers learning through play, incorporating music, story telling and toys to help children begin to recognise their own emotions and those in other people. It also provides guidance on how to help children cope with emotions so that, from an early age, children can be more resilient and able to form healthy relationships, socially and professionally. Parents should find that My First Emotions helps them to understand their child’s – and even their own – emotions better too!

Skylark English for Babies, which also won a commendation at the awards, is a popular product we created to help parents start children down a bilingual road that can lead to a healthier mind, better communication skills and a broader capacity for learning. We’re very pleased to have both products recognised in the Educational category.

Crowdfund us!

Early education is at the heart of the range of products we make at Skylark Learning and My First Emotions is a particularly exciting project. A new, easy-to-use, play-orientated kit, it could really change the way we teach children about emotions. It is currently at the funding stage and we will soon be launching a crowdfunding campaign for this now award-winning educational toy. If you’d like to support My First Emotions, then watch this space for more information on how to be a part of this early learning revolution.