Introducing My First Emotions

My First Emotions has been developed by experts to help children learn to understand and manage emotions. Use play, stories and music to encourage nourishing emotional development and nurture a healthy, happy human.

My First Emotions provides guidance based around six essential parenting skills, plus a range of multisensory, connected tools and activity ideas to help you bring emotions to life.


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Teach Your Child About Emotions

We all have emotions – good and bad – and no one is born with a natural ability to cope. Children need other people, especially their parents, to teach them about emotions. This set will help your child to understand and learn to cope with emotions, focusing on love, happiness, sadness, anger and fear.

Beautiful, Engaging Materials

You might expect a resource about emotions to be cute, but we promise you will be so happy when you get your box and open it! Our care and attention is shown in beautiful illustrations, touching stories and fun games. You will want to start playing with your child straight away, and the activities will strengthen the loving bond between you. You’ll fall in love with My First Emotions!

For A Healthy, Happy Life

My First Emotions is based on the latest research about emotional awareness, validation and regulation in both children and adults, and the effects of parenting styles. Early emotional awareness lays the foundation for a healthy, happy life for your little one, from relationships to job success.

What's Inside The Box

Inside The Box


This version of the set is in English. See below for the Russian version or contact us if you are interested in a particular language. Click on the following items to find out more about the content.

Parent’s Guide
An easy-to-read guide to My First Emotions. Everything you need to know about developing your child’s emotional intelligence. Features a wealth of fantastic advice, such as how to create a strong attachment and deal with tantrums.
See a sample from the Parent’s Guide.
Robbie The Rabbit Puppet
Robbie is the cornerstone character of My First Emotions, experiencing, exploring and managing his reactions to the people and events in his world. Use Robbie to talk about feelings in a fun, relaxed way.
5 Illustrated Storybooks
Follow Robbie as he feels five main emotions: love, happiness, sadness, anger and fear. Children learn to recognise emotions, what they feel like, what they look like and how to cope.
5 Emotion Toys
These small, soft toys represent different emotions via shapes, colours, sounds and a facial expression. Place in Robbie’s pocket to demonstrate how he feels or to identify your own emotions.
30 Story Cards
These story cards featuring Robbie the rabbit are designed to encourage emotional awareness and coping pathways. Preverbal children can point to, pick up or move the cards while older children can talk about them.
Songs And Music
My First Emotions uses music to evoke emotion and songs about emotional experiences, with actions you can do together. These are provided, along with baby sign language videos, on the support website.
Activity Book
60 ideas for playful learning about emotions as children grow. Positive parenting starts here!
See a sample from the Activity Book.

What People Say

“It’s an absolutely amazing set. My daughter and I became closer using it.” | “I’m ecstatic and recommend it to everyone.” | “We are delighted. I learned a lot myself.” | “My child wants to play with ‘Emotions’ all day long.”

Created By Experts

The author of My First Emotions is Dr John Lambie, Reader in Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, England. He is a Chartered Psychologist, and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

International Versions

My First Emotions is also available in Russian! Contact our partner Umnitsa to order this version. Or you can see the support website for both versions.