My First Emotions

We have successfully sold over 6500 sets of My First Emotions across the world and now it’s coming to the UK.
Read reviews and see photos from our international customers.

“I am absolutely delighted with this set – the materials for parents are amazing! Overall impression: 5 star rating – it’s a godsend for parents!”

“I’ve recommended My First Emotions to so many parents – it’s a really useful tool! It’s hard for children to manage their own feelings but with this play set, we can help them. It’s worth buying.”

We can teach our children about the world we live in but what about emotions? How do we teach our children about why they are feeling a certain way? You don’t have to reinvent the wheel if there are proven methods out there – just like children’s toolkit My First Emotions. It has become a great resource for our family!”

“Robbie the rabbit is the best toy for learning, cuddling, sleeping and dragging by the ears. It was love at first sight!”

“My 2 year old son fell in love with My First Emotions from the moment he set his eyes on it. He constantly asks to read the books and understands the concept of each one, so reading has become a real family activity for us! I find that my son really connects with Robbie and willingly shows how he becomes angry, sad and happy with kisses and crying. This set should be given to new parents at the hospital, I highly recommend it.”

The topic of emotions is particularly relevant to us because at my daughter’s age of 2 years, it’s difficult for her to manage emotions.”

“Honestly, I didn’t have high expectations on using simple cards with pictures to help my child learn but once we started using them, I soon found how useful they really are! We began using the cards to describe stories and adventures of Robbie the rabbit, which are relevant to my son’s life right now. By playing with the set regularly, he can now identify, understand and recognise these emotions in daily situations. I really want my son to feel supported by us as parents and My First Emotions has helped to lay that foundation of trust.”

“My son is afraid of washing his hair but when Robbie appears, all his fears go away. Robbie is an important part of our family right now!”

“We became closer as a family with the help of My First Emotions. The tips and activities have proved to be very useful!”

We are not taught about emotions at school so parents need to teach their kids about this important skill. My First Emotions is for little ones from 0 to 3 years, but we play together with my children, Sofia (5 years old) and Maxim (1 years old). I love the emotion toys – each of them has its own shape, colour and facial expression which means my child can actually see the emotion and even touch it. The activities in My First Emotions are also useful for grown-ups too. It’s never too late to learn about feelings!”

“My son had a tantrum today as he couldn’t feed a dog by himself. I took the ‘anger’ toy from My First Emotions, showed it to him and asked: “Is this is how you are feeling? Are you feeling angry because you can’t do it by yourself?” And he looked at me with relief, because he felt that I, as his Mummy, understood him and how he was feeling. Seriously, he stopped crying, and it was an eye-opening moment for me. Bye, tantrums!” 

“How do you explain what emotions are to your child? If I am being honest, I wasn’t sure how to describe this or that emotion, so I’m happy that I found a set like My First Emotions to help. It’s a lovely kit for very young children to grow into and learn with as they explore the world around them. My eldest son shows my daughter the cards and names the emotions for her, and together we create stories about feelings. I believe children should be able to understand their feelings and be able to talk about them – something that will be useful their whole life!” 

Skylark English for Babies

“Today my son made his first attempt at speaking in English. It’s fantastic progress as it’s happened before he communicates exclusively in Russian!”

“I always knew that I would teach my son English from an early age and as a fluent English speaker, I didn’t think it would be difficult to communicate with him in English exclusively. I thought wrong, completely underestimating the fact that we live in a Russian language environment and are Russian-speaking parents. I started to use a different communication strategy (a way to maintain proficiency in both languages). So now, with the help of Skylark English, we eat, wash, play, read books and sing songs using the English language!”

“Skylark the puppet is always there for my son: he comes to the rescue, reads books with us, sings songs and encourages Stas to play using the English language. Although we don’t have problems mixing the English language with Russian when playing games, the Skylark characters help to visually separate them.”

“My daughter has easily remembered all the colour cards from Skylark English and loves to show it. As an example, she recently ran to the window and said “black” – that was for the flower pot that sits there. Mea also surprises me with her vocabulary – yesterday she suddenly pointed with a finger and said: “Pea!” for the green pea. This is all thanks to Skylark English!”

“My first impression of Skylark English as a mother is that it’s an adorable set! Beautiful toys and colours, informative books and a ton of useful information for me. My child is also delighted with the set!”

“Even though I’m not that good at English myself, I bought the kit because it looked beautiful with some adorable illustrations, it’s so… I don’t even know how to explain it – you just want to touch it. It turned out that my level of English was enough as there are translations and transcriptions on the cards. And there’s a separate dictionary and guidance for Mum; books to read, cards and a big word book for your child, not forgetting the Skylark toy too, of course.”

“Great detail, wonderful ideas, no special preparation or extra material needed. Everything’s there at your fingertips.”

“Honestly, I did not expect quick results but my son loves Skylark and plays with him every morning. He mostly loves the play cards with pictures and is always ready to look at them, no matter how many times we play with them. It’s so nice to see the results of this set and to learn English together with great enthusiasm and renewed energy. Skylark English is ahead of other sets, we love it!  We use the time before going to bed productively – repeating numbers in English and learning new letters. Today we read a few of my son’s favourite books and repeated the colours and words on the cards – all before bedtime!”

“The toolkit is a massive, heavy box of English cards, books, guidebooks, and Skylark himself. He ‘speaks’ only English, and ‘understands’ only English too. My child found nothing surprising about this; he accepted the story that Skylark had flown from Britain”.

“When looking for a children’s English language set, I found that there are a lot of flashcards and audio materials on the market but the components just didn’t compliment each other. Then all my troubles disappeared when I discovered Skylark English for Babies!”

  • This is an all-in-one program, all the materials are linked together, and learning follows a straight logic.
  • Vocabulary is suitable for very small children.
  • It’s perfect both for children and grown-ups: children can start at ANY age, parents don’t have to be great in English.
  • Buying one set saves time, money and nerves of parents.

Fun, easy-to-follow and interesting: you play, sing, read rhymes and books, use play cards and a play board. It’s a fun learning game!”

“Skylark English is interesting and fun. My son is starting to remember the words with the help of the bright and beautiful play board and of course, the colours. Why should childhood learning be boring? My little one loves our English classes!”

“Skylark English is part of our English language learning. We spend about one hour per day on the activities, we read books, sing and chat together.”

“I always knew that I would try to bring my child up bilingual as it offers more opportunities in life. We started Skylark English when my son was 8 months old and he instantly loved the funny books, cool songs and colourful cards. Even better, I can see the results! ”

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