Introducing Skylark English

Skylark English for Babies is a new multisensory toolkit for learning English at home. Packed with original and fun educational resources, it is specially designed to inspire little learners from birth upwards.

Tailor-made for families, Skylark English is designed to work in a home environment. It comes with full, interactive support so that parents with any level of English can teach with confidence.

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Perfect For Children From Birth!

Skylark English is designed to be used with your child from birth. Introducing our Skylark puppet as a friend who can only speak English motivates children to learn. Reading from our storybooks and singing along to our songs help to immerse your child in the English language from as early as day one.

It’s Simple – Just Play With Your Baby!

Skylark English uses a fun, interaction-based method for meaningful learning. This happens naturally as parents and children communicate in everyday situations. At the heart of the product is a limited number of target words that are repeated again and again throughout the materials. We provide hundreds of opportunities to use these words in real-life contexts.

How will you play? See a sample from the Activity Book.

Created In Cambridge, England

Developed in Cambridge, England, in collaboration with academics and language teachers, Skylark English is informed by current research in the fields of child development and language acquisition.

All the stories, songs and activities in the set have been created by native British English speakers.

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What's Inside The Box

Inside The Box
This version of the set has the parent materials in English. See below for the Russian version or contact us if you are interested in a particular language. Click on the following items to find out more about the content.
Parent’s Guide
What do I do? Where do I start? How does it work? All these questions and more are answered in the Parent’s Guide. It also contains vocabulary lists and a guide to English grammar. See a sample from the Parent’s Guide.
Skylark Puppet
Our unique Skylark puppet engages and motivates children through imaginative learning. Skylark is a great learning buddy and your child’s first English friend.
12 Illustrated Storybooks
Our fantastic collection of 12 original storybooks helps children hear the target words set in real language. They include all the phonemes of the English language.
Word Book
The colourful illustrations in this ‘picture dictionary’ engage children and introduce focus vocabulary to your child.
218 Play Cards & Huge Play Board
Even more ways for parents to encourage their child to associate English words with the world around them.
12 Songs
12 beautiful songs for parents to sing with their child. The handy Song Book provides lyrics, pronunciation guides and actions for every song.
Activity Book
More than 80 game-based activities to practise target language in a fun way while developing other important skills. See a sample from the Activity Book.
Online Audio & More
Online, parents will find a wealth of audio files recorded by a native British English speaker and full interactive support.

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What People Say

“Great detail, wonderful ideas, no special preparation or extra material needed.” | “Just amazing. Simply stunning.” | “You can feel the care and attention.” | “Thanks to Skylark English, we have a renewed love for learning English.”

Created By Experts

Skylark English was created with the help of British education and language specialists. Its main author is Romy Fursland, a writer and teacher specialising in foreign languages.

International Versions

You can see the support website for this English version here. Skylark English is also available with the parent materials in Russian! Contact our partner Umnitsa to order this version, or see the Russian support website.

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